Scope of Services

Our goal is to provide functional creative design solutions that reflect an awareness and sensitivity to:
Existing site conditions / Proposed Landscape Objectives/ and the Clients’ Preferences. The scope of the project is guided by the client’s participation, requests and priorities.

My general scope of services includes site analysis, spatial organization, landscape design, plant selection and installation supervision, along with related horticultural information and specifications. I provide overall concepts for all aspects of the design, but am not responsible for the grading, irrigation and hardscape construction details.

Options regarding the method and extent of design detail, information and directives needed or required to communicate the vision, delineate the master design and implement the projects will be guided by client’s preference, budget and timing.

  • ON-SITE DESIGN/CONSULTATION + TRAVEL SERVICES will be billed at a rate of $120.00 per hour.
  • OFFICE CONSULTATION/DESIGN SERVICES will be billed at a rate of $90 per hour.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT / SITE SUPERVISION + TRAVEL will be billed at a rate of $120.00 per hour OR negotiated rate.
  • SKILLED LABOR will be billed at a rate of $64 per hour.
  • EXPENSES incurred in performance of these services for items including but not limited to printing, duplication, photographic supplies and processing, graphic materials, delivery/shipping, long-distance phone/fax, travel will be billed as reimbursable expenses. Records and receipts will be provided.
  • MATERIALS: Plants and hard goods selected and purchased by Creative Outdoor Spaces will be billed at retail prices.

ONSITE CONSULTATION ($120 per hour/ Minimum: $180 with average range $360-$600)
  • Interview client to define site, priorities, design objectives, preferences and budget.
  • Make observations and site analysis
  • Identify assets and constraints of property.
  • Evaluate and assess existing conditions and plants.
  • Describe character, note design intents, considerations, and material options.
  • Take rough field measurements, photos.
  • Discuss ideas and options with recommendations and suggested follow up actions and services
  • Create and provide Field Sketches / Flag Field Designs, including bed locations & layout, hardscape layout & plant placement

OFFICE CONCEPTUAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN ($90 per hour/ Minimum: $180 with average range $270-600)
  • Develop design concepts to a scale delineating bed locations & layout, hardscape layout & plant placement.
  • Summarize general notes and recommendations regarding projects, tasks, instructions and phased implementation schedule.
  • Provide plant recommendations and options.
  • Prepare, present and educate clients of their plant /construction material options.
  • Shop and select/tag construction/planting materials.

OFFICE DETAILED LANDSCAPE PLANS ($90 per hour/ Min: $270 with average range $400-$600 per phase OR $1000-$2500 BASED ON SCOPE OF MASTER PLAN)
  • Develop detailed scaled layout of proposed landscape design. Identify and label proposed plants, bed locations, and hardscape elements.
  • Provide detailed plant schedule.
  • Recommend phased implementation schedule.
  • Provide information necessary to solicit landscape installation bids.
  • Shop and select/tag construction/planting materials